Defunctland: ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter (1995-2003)

The very first addition to Defunctland, sponsored by X-S Tech.


I am happy to announce that the first attraction resurrected for Defunctland is Disney World’s ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter.

The History:

The Remains:
After ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter was modified into the current attraction, Stitch’s Great Escape. The second pre-show area now features S.I.R. as some sort of space cop and Skippy as a prisoner. The burnt Skippy is also in the area, but it is presented as a new alien prisoner.

S.I.R. and Skippy being held hostage in Stitch’s Great Escape (Credit Needed)

Also, the seats from ExtraTERRORestrial were auctioned off to collector’s. Here is one of them:

A seat and some Merchandise from ExtraTERRORestrial for sale (Credit Needed)

Finally, in Tokyo Disney Sea’s Journey to the Center of the Earth ride, there is an impressive animatronic lava monster that looks incredibly similar to the alien from ExtraTERRORestrial! Could he had been teleported to Japan?

The lava monster and ExtraTERRORestrial doppelganger from Tokyo DisneySea’s Journey to the Center of the Earth attraction (Source: Theme Park Review)

Are there any remains of ExtraTERRORestrial that I missed? Did I forget any trivia or fun facts? If you know of any, comment below!


5 comments on “Defunctland: ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter (1995-2003)”

  1. And for the Ridley Scott Aliens, they and Ripley are in The Great Movie Ride at Disney Hollywood Studios. Considering how well the Aliens Attraction (a walk through with a Colonial Marine that of course goes wrong; Sigourney Weaver was there and loved it) in the UK, I would love to see that here. That would be better than the garbage Haunted Maze attractions than have gone to the overly intense (tying up guests in duct tape, verbally and physically abusing guests, etc.) that have proliferated in the U. S. at Halloween. My brother does Haunted Maze attractions and he would go for an Alien action-oriented maze in a second over the recent crop of over the top gore and abuse (there is even a Haunted House that will for a fee, kidnap and abuse you like a hostage– that’s entertainment?!?) The idea is to scare, yes, but also to entertain.


  2. OH, OH, Oh, you are in such luck….. when they took out the great Alien Encounter and put that Piece of crap STITCH in, they were in a big hurry….. What I mean is, THEY NEVER TOOK DOWN THE ALIEN ENCOUNTER WALLPAPER……. There are web sites that talk about this and show actual pictures of the AE wallpaper in the Crap stitch attraction. Heres what you do, wait till they close Crap stitch, then you can break in and strip the wallpaper down, BETTER THAN OEM, eh?


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