Defunctland: Videopolis (1985-1995)

This episode of Defunctland is totally tubular.


The second attraction resurrected for Defunctland Park is Disneyland’s 80’s teenage dance club, Videopolis.

The History:

The Remains:
Due to Videopolis being transformed into Fantasyland Theater in 1995, nearly all of the attraction was repainted or redone. This means that nothing worth stealing still exists within the park, and nothing notable was auctioned to my knowledge.

If you know about any of the remains of Videopolis, or just want to join in on the radical discussions, comment below!

3 comments on “Defunctland: Videopolis (1985-1995)”

  1. You might be able to get your hands on a sign though. I know there’s one backstage so I imagine there’s probably more out there.


  2. Hello. I recently stumbled across your videos and as McDonalds would say, I’m loving it! I would like to request for you to discuss Alfred Hitchcock’s movie ride at Universal studios Florida as well as Murder, She Wrote movie ride also at Universal Studios Florida. Thank you for your videos and I hope that you continue to make more!


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