Defunctland: The Sorcerer’s Hat

It’s iconic. It’s infamous. It’s the Sorcerer’s Hat.



The fourth installment of Defunctland is Disney’s Hollywood Studios former icons, the Sorcerer’s Hat and the Earffel Tower.

The History:

The Remains:
Of course, nothing remains of the Sorcerer’s Hat, as the metal was most likely repurposed. However, the Earffel Tower is a different story. Around the time that the Earffel Tower was removed, a new water tower popped up in Disney Springs. Could it be the Earffel Tower? Go here for the origin of this theory.

Did you like the Sorcerer’s Hat? Are you glad it’s gone? Comment below!

2 comments on “Defunctland: The Sorcerer’s Hat”

  1. I think I would re-think your plan of using the “hat” in Defunctland. The sourcerers hat was one of the most HATED things dizzy ever built. It was a bad idea when they put it on paper, it was a bad idea when they signed the contract to make it and it was a bad idea when they built it in front of the STUDIOS main Icon building so you could not see the building anymore. In fact, the ONLY GOOD THING about “the hat” was when they took it down. Better to forget about bad things and move on.


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