Defunctland: Pleasure Island (1989-2008)

Kungaloosh, travelers! Welcome to Pleasure Island!



The History:

The Remains:
Most of Pleasure Island was either bulldozed or auctioned. The area where it once stood has since been renamed The Landing.

Did you receive any of the auctioned materials? Do you know of any remains of any of the clubs and their locations today? Comment below!

2 comments on “Defunctland: Pleasure Island (1989-2008)”

  1. Pleasure Island was the best place for adults in it’s time. I was disappointed when they shut it down to make room for more fun for the brats. Pleasure Island RIP.


  2. Pleasure ISland was an interesting place and I saw Al Jankovich there with his crew. Next time I visited PI, the Fireworks Factory was gone.
    One of the attractions was the large stage on the East End. Bands often played here and for the early part of its life, PI would host HOLLOWEEN COSTUME CONTESTs. This was a wild night, usually hosted by area DJ’s and they would bring in people to judge the contestants in costume. The winners would get free tickets to a Disney property, including overseas parks or/and free stays at a Disney Resort.
    The ability of guests to create costumes and different ideas were unlimited. You should have seen the one called “ROBOALIEN”, a large fully costumed creature with flashing lights and huge Alien head, he won first prize by the way.
    The stage had one redo, where it grew in size to accomodate the bands and cast members and years later, the costume contests began to get less organized, moved to the newer central “NORTH SIDE” stage and within a few years, was gone from PI. What followed in the years would be complete demolition of the East stage… Diz seems to lose interest if there isn’t anything it it for them.
    The ADVENTURERS CLUB was absolutely cool. The mask room with the talking masks was always a surprise as no one knew if or when they would cut into your conversation to ad their opinon on things. The “secret room” that opened every so often to allow guests in for a show was also a great place to sit, get a drink and enjoy the ambiance and show. This was a big loss in my opinion but Diz has its own ideas about entertainment.
    The COMEDY WAREHOUSE was a “Must Go” when visiting the Florida Resort. The show was always new and fun and again, it was a place where you could get a drink and enjoy the ambience.
    The addition of DISNEY QUEST was absolutely the coolest for those that enjoyed electronic games and VR themes. As Pleasure Island stood, DQ fit right in and this was home for all of its fun and games. With the Demolish of PI and turning it to upscale (expensive) stores and restaurants, DQ was now out of place, and yet, was the only place to actually have fun as all the rest had been torn down.
    As the years passed, and you noticed the East Stage gone and the Empress Lily was no more, having been converted to a Crab Shack, just no respect!! PI began a slow spiral of death as it seemed there was no attention to what was going on there. It was just running on its own, and you know what happens when you don’t keep things up to date and working… Guests lose interest.
    Pleasure Island was fun and we all have our picks of the types of adventure we like to visit. Now that it is gone, it remains in our memories, long live Pleasure Island.


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