My Biggest Fear With Disney Cruise Line’s New Ships

My desperate need for continuity is back!


I have been on five Disney cruises: Dream, Dream, Dream, Fantasy, and Dream again. They are absolutely incredible, and I highly recommend them (not sponsored by DCL, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it). They are unsurprisingly expensive, so it helps if you can hop on a trip with some more financially-abled friends or family like I try to do.

When the news came in March of last year that two more ships would be added to the fleet, I was excited for a few reasons. First, this could lower the prices of the older but still astounding ships. Also, every DCL ship is an Imagineering wonder (probably the most underappreciated work the company does), and I can’t wait to see what they create for the new additions. Then, last week at the D23 Expo, Disney announced that three new ships would be added to the fleet instead of just two. These were the only details that they provided. No ports, no iteneraries, and most importantly to me, no names.

If you have read my piece on my problem with the new Star Wars Land, you know that I am more or less obsessed with continuity. I want every piece to fit perfectly into the bigger puzzle, and I want that puzzle to be beautiul, unique, and creatively made. Disney Cruise Line does a good job with this, sepcifically in its nomenclature.

The names given to the Disney Wonder, the Disney Magic, the Disney Dream, and the Disney Fantasy all are structurally the same. It is Disney followed by an abstract noun. Sure, one can wonder and dream, but the name refers to something you can experience. You can experience wonder, magic, dreams, and fantasies. These are ideas that are intangible, but one of Disney’s main focuses is to have their guests experience the impossible. The nomenclature is simple and effective, and I don’t want to see it erased by  the three new ships.

If you have ever been on a Disney cruise and spoken with a cast member for a long enough time, you might have asked the question that I have (a question that I had asked even before the new ships were announced). “What do you think the next Disney ship will be named?” There responses are usually troubling to me. “I think either the Disney Believe or the Disney Imagine. Or maybe the Disney Star!”

This always puts me in a conundrum. Should I sit there and explain the importance of abstract nouns to them, or should I conceal my frustration and pray that the Imagineers know better. I usually choose the latter because I do not wish to bother the friendly cast members with my rants, but my readers are a different story. You chose to read this, so I will lecture you about the importance of abstract nouns. Here it goes…

It can’t be the Disney Imagine because you can’t experience an imagine. The name would have to be the Disney Imagination. The new ship cannot be called the Disney Believe because I cannot experience a believe. In that case, the new ship would have to be called the Disney Belief. A star is not an abstract noun. I can touch a star (theoretically, you get what I mean), but I cannot touch a dream or a fantasy.

What about names that divert entirely? What about a Pirates of the Caribbean themed ship such as the Black Pearl? While I certainly don’t want this, I also don’t think Disney would do it. It would be difficult to theme an entire ship around one idea, and it wouldn’t make sense from a marketing point. You want to include as many characters and films as possible to attract a wide audience. Plus, an entirely pirate-themed ship, for instance, would also lose its touch after a couple days and on repeat visits.

This all might sound as though I’m overreacting to the mere possibilty of change, and that is because I absolutely am. There are plenty of possible names that follow the simple precedent set by the first four ships in the fleet.

Potential Names:
The Disney Adventure
The Disney Imagination
The Disney Wish
The Disney Enchantment
The Disney Spirit
The Disney Journey

The Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy had their names revealed in March of 2009, around two years before the Dream would go on its maiden voyage. If this is any indication, we should learn the names of the three new ships (set to sail in 2021, 2022, and 2023) in 2019. Until then, let’s hope the Imagineers are following this website and give a ship about what I am saying.

What do you think the new ships in the Disney Cruise Line fleet should be named? Comment below!



2 comments on “My Biggest Fear With Disney Cruise Line’s New Ships”

  1. Disney Imagination featuring a scale model of Journey Into Imagination.
    Disney Adventure featuring a scale model of Universe of Energy/Ellen’s Energy Adventure
    Disney Terror featuring a scale model of The Hollywood…wait…no…
    Disney Wish featuring a scale model of Cinderella Castle and the Wishes Show.


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