Defunctland: Son of Beast (2000-2009)

Unlucky Episode 13 is on this very unlucky coaster.


The History:

The Remains:
Little remains of the coaster besides Outpost 5 and the Banshee tribute, but sections of the track were auctioned off by Kings Island.

A section of Son of Beast’s track up for auction (Source: CBS Detroit)

Do you know any of the other remains of Son of Beast? Comment below!

5 comments on “Defunctland: Son of Beast (2000-2009)”

  1. Grew up at Kings Island as a pass holder. Everyone was really excited about the son of beast until you rode it. While it was an awesome wooden roller coaster it was extremely rough to the point that you ride it towards the end of the day so you wouldn’t be in pain all day. Seeing the massive structure was impressive in itself.


  2. I watch your videos whenever they come out, and I know that it is going to be tough to be able to graphic design this coaster. This would be due to the massive amounts of wooden supports that would need to be animated. Good luck.


  3. I’ve had a pass to kings island since I was 4. Awesome video, remembering how painful the ride was, even as a kid. I vividly remember two different times where the ride was so rough that the latch bar clicked down two more clicks and I was terrified it was too tight to “push down and pull up” and it caused a lot of pain. The massive wall of wooden on the main lift hill was something to see.


  4. I rode SoB back in June 2000. Such a horrible, painful ride. I felt like it was doing internal damage as my wife and I rode it. Glad it’s gone!


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