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Hello, my name is Kevin Perjurer. I am an acclaimed stylophonist, freelance journalist, and creative genius. I have been married three and a half times and have two and a half children. I was raised by my great grandmother, Tim, in a smalltown in eastern West Virginia. In high school I broke gender barriers when I audaciously competed in women’s gymnastics, winning three bronze medals at the North American Finals. I went on to graduate from Tufts University with a 2.9 GPA. After college, I traveled to China and became a 好孩子 (Chinese for “good boy”) after my portrayal of Miss Piggy in the Chinese version of The Muppets Take Manhattan. Upon returning to the United States, I found new life in managing several successful (and one unsuccessful) Cheesecake Factory franchises. In 2015, I served as a senior contributor to the debate evidence resource Utopian Debate. After my friend, Jim Fibber, and I lost touch, I founded ThePerj.com. It began as a site for my political perspectives and investigative findings, but after politics took over the universe, it became a home for all of my creative projects. One creative project stood out among the rest, however. That was Defunctland. I am working on this as a passion project, and I am thrilled to see that others are enjoying everything I’ve been working on.

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