The Birthday Project

Defunctland is currently working on a video about all things “birthday,” and we need your help!

If you have any photos or video from any of your childhood birthday parties and don’t mind them being featured in a documentary about birthdays, we would love for you to send them in! 

We are specifically looking for:

– Birthdays from 10 or more years ago

– Children’s birthday parties (especially if themed)

– Birthdays at event centers (Chuck E. Cheese, Discovery Zone, McDonald’s, etc.)

– Non-iPhone/smartphone images and videos

Here’s how to send us your photos/videos:

1. Email with the media attached.

2. Provide your preferred credit in the body of the email (credits will be listed at the end of the video)

Thank you for your help!

By sending in your photos and videos, you agree that:

– You have the ability to authorize the usage of the photos and/or videos

– You authorize the use of these photo and/or videos in a documentary that will be seen on YouTube and possibly distributed elsewhere on any platform for any amount of time in the future

– You are the main subject of the photos and/or videos (i.e. the birthday child depicted is you)


– These photos and videos are for a specific Defunctland documentary and will not be uploaded or made available outside of the project.

– There is no guarantee that your photos and/or videos will be featured in the video.

– This project is in the very early stages of development. Should the project be abandoned, your photos and videos will never be distributed to anyone.