The Park

***Defunctland VR is a not-for-profit preservation and passion project. Everyone involved has joined as a volunteer, and the final product will be released free. Defunctland VR will provide no financial benefits to anyone involved.***

Defunctland VR Pitch:

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ride the attractions of the past? Did you never get to experience an extinct ride, and on-ride footage just isn’t cutting it? Did your favorite attraction close, and you wanted to ride it one more time? That is exactly what we are working on at Defunctland VR.

Defunctland VR is a not-for-profit community preservation project. A team of designers, graphic artists, and animators is being assembled to recreate the attractions one at a time using reference photos and video. The final product will first be a YouTube 360 Degree Video, taking you from the gates of the Defunctland and onto the specified attraction. Hopefully, a game engine will be possible in the future, as long as we can keep it free and not-for-profit.

Defunctland VR Proof of Concept:

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Defunctland VR Pages:

The Team
The Progress
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